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rent a van bangkok

rent a van bangkok Convenient, fast and safe service Traveling We’ll say it’s not easy. If you are a foreigner Even though Bangkok is considered to be the top tourist city in the world. It’s easier if you have your own driver to take you where you want to go.

rent a van bangkok

The operator will ask when you need it. Rent a van in Bangkok

When you want to rent a van in Bangkok There are details about what the service provider will ask for in order to offer a price.

  • How many days do you want to rent?
    • Renting a van for multiple days has different costs than renting it for the day. By renting for multiple days There will be an additional accommodation fee for drivers of 500 baht per day.
  • Rent for 1 day, pick up from origin and return.
    • This kind of rental There will be regulations for the renter of that van. That is, the daily travel time is 10 hours from the time the journey begins. Until it’s time to return to the accommodation. If more than 10 hours There will be an increase in OT fees. hourly
  • Are you renting a van only to be dropped off at your destination?
    • This type of rental involves renting a van for a short period of time. It must be an all-inclusive price. Gasoline fees and expressway fees are all included in the quoted price. But the journey will only be delivery at the destination. Do not travel to many destinations. Go straight to one destination only.
  • Where do you travel?
    • You will need to inform them of where you will be traveling. Because the price of services will be different in each form.
  • How many passengers?
    • How many passengers are traveling together? Because the car that must be prepared There are many sizes and the passenger seats are not the same. Therefore it is necessary to notify in advance.

These are the questions that service providers must ask.

Rent a van with driver in Bangkok
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